April 19, 2009

Small Town Snapshot Sunda #5

It's Small Town Snapshot Sunday! Read the rules and get the banners here. Be sure you include the link to your post at the bottom of this entry and also, tag your post "stss" or "small town snapshot sunday" so people can search for it and find you!

Here is my very long contribution:

Mural of my town, full view:

Mural, in context with the town square:

Detail views:

This mural is a painting of what our town square looked like when the town was very young. The courthouse in the mural is a wooden courthouse that eventually burned down and was replaced with the courthouse you see below. I put some marks in so you'll hopefully understand the context.

And a close-up view of the courthouse and the one little storefront from the mural:

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  1. I love the mural. Actually, the murals in our small town remind me of some ideas for future posts. Have a wonderful small town Sunday!

  2. PS. I actually have two for this week! (I hadn't posted because I couldn't decide between them!)

  3. Do both! :) The more the merrier!

  4. Nice mural - It is really nice to have that historical link. We don't have any murals in Lubbock-that I know of, but there are some north of our city that were apparently painted by Italians during WWII when they were kept in prison around here. I will try to get pictures of them

  5. What a great mural! The store is a little dwarfed by the courthouse, it seems. Is the mural on the side of a building, or has it its own hoarding?

    My own post was a little long this week too.

  6. Mrs. E: It's funny, because I was just over at A.'s Sunday Snapshot and something she took a picture of reminded me of a good future one to do. See, we are all inspiring one another!

    Ginny: I would love to see those. Are there any small towns outside of Lubbock? You need to play with us! Or maybe you have some from when you were in the frozen north!

    A: Yes, I love this mural! They just recently repainted it in the last few years. There was an old one that had basically crumbled off. The stucco had broken and the paint had faded. This new one is done by the same person, I think, the son of the man who owns the building that it's on. It's an appliance store.

    You asked about the "dwarfing". I think it's an illusion because the courthouse looks so square and hulking. It's a big box (not very interesting in my opinion) made of native stone that is quarried from a little nearby town called "Scotland". The courthouse is a "tall" two story (with the high ceilings, maybe 2.5 stories? The buildings all around it are one story.

  7. I love it! And your arrows and explanation really made me get it. It's a cool idea, painting pictures of old buildings that are gone in close proximity to their replacements!

  8. How cool that the mural shows how the street used to looked.
    Thanks for stopping by :o)

  9. Who is the woman in the mural? Founding town mother?

  10. I also live and work in "mural towns" with large brick buildings. In fact, this looks very similar to my little Ozark town.

    I'm hoping to have a STSS post next week. I had so much going on this last weekend that I didn't have time this week.

  11. Lawyer Mom, I need to go get a picture of the sign that goes with it. I read about who she is, but have forgotten. (Shame on me.)

    Small Town Girl, no worries. I hope to see your stuff next week. I bet we are close to being neighbors! :)


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