April 10, 2009

Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow

I had a dream that I was cutting my own hair. (This picture is not me, by the way.) The dream was so vivid, when I woke I went in to check to make sure I hadn't done it in my sleep or the kids hadn't hijacked me in the night. Nope, it's all still there. Long, ratty, annoying.

I went to see the hair lady. She chopped it all off. More accurately, most of it. I said, "Take everything except the part that hides my fat neck." And she did. Red hair surrounded my chair like debris from a bomb blast. I feel liberated.

Then, strangely, I happened across an old post from three years ago about coloring my hair (which I don't do anymore).

Is there some cosmic force at work? What's with all the hair suddenly? Maybe I should start reading my horoscope every day.

[photo credit: margolove]


  1. Gee, I dreamed that we'd been invaded by the Chinese army and I was sitting in my barn suturing a man's arm with dental floss by candlelight and covering it with Vulture poop. Vulture poop is an excellent antibacterial...
    Damn, I think I need to cut my hair...*LOL*

  2. I haven't been near a hairdresser for 10 years. My husband cuts it for me in an exercise in wifely trust. I'd love to have the courage to go to a hairdresser, but I'm too self-conscious about that fact that it's thinning. So, when I do dream about having it cut, it's usually a sign that I'm worried about something.

  3. Neen: Okay, why don't I have cool dreams like yours? Except without the vulture poop.

    Madame DeFarge: Wow, you have way more wifely trust than I do.

  4. Now all your superhuman strength is gone. Nice work.

  5. Sine we need to save money I decided that it's time to start cutting my own hair. Feeling brave I Googeled "How to cut your own hair" read a couple of pages on the topic and grabbed the scissors and hacked away. ... it's not bad, not good but not bad either. I wish my husband was brave enough to do the cutting, I think it would turn out much better that way. =)

  6. I had a dream that I was tubing down a river (in the winter, of course) with polar bears. I'm reasonably sure I haven't posted about that before...

  7. I don't have enough wifely trust to let the hubs cut my hair.

  8. I go through phases when I have these kinds of very vivid dreams. I always wonder what they are trying to tell me and keep meaning to pick up a book sometime on dreams. Sometimes the answer will just kind of hit me. I haven't had any lately. I miss them! PS - I gave you an award that you can pick up on my blog - the zombie chicken!

  9. Wifely trust doesn't exist in my house when it comes to hair, clothing, cooking, or anything that has to do with utilizing a tool of ANY sort.

    Stopped by from Margo's ... love your blog!

  10. At least it wasn't the dream where your teeth move around. Not sure where that one comes from. Enjoy the new "do"

  11. I have these type of dreams all the time (I'm Margo's daugther- it may be genectic). I once had on that my mattress was an ant colony! I still aply cortzone (I'm spellcheck dependent) to bits that arn't there.

    I'm about to cut about 8 or 10 inches off! Good riddens deep-fried blonde!

  12. Shawn: Fortunately, you have underestimated me! Cutting my hair is not my kryptonite. (I think you know what my kryptonite is, though, but if you tell you will be in big, big trouble!)

    Kadri: Maybe you should start a hair cutting club with your friends!

    Funnyrunner: Thanks for starting the "what I dreamed about" thread. I love hearing other people's weird dreams! Especially when they involve polar bears tubing down a river. :)

    Farmchick: It might be your inherent sense of self-preservation.

    Margo: Woo, zombie chickens! Thank you. I'll be over in a minute.

    Fiona: Thanks for the drop-in and welcome!

    MJ: I have weird teeth dream all the time. I'm sure it means something, but have no idea what. I'm not sure I want to know.

    Sparkle: I don't think I could deal with my mom blogging. I hope you're coping okay. I have to go check out both your blogs and see if you're talking about each other. That cracks me up. You'll feel liberated when you cut your hair off. I can shampoo in no time at all!

  13. omg I'm glad it was only a dream. I went to cosmetology school -- and graduated -- but I would not cut my own hair. I've met women who can do it, but the ones who do it well are few and far between. lol


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