April 15, 2009

Overheard from My Desk

My husband and I have a special relationship. I know this because we not only live together, have two children together and we WORK together and have managed to stay married to each other for coming up on nine years.

Not only do we work together in the same office, but we share an actual room in that office. One room, two desks, no divider. As I sit here I can look diagonally to my right and there he is sitting at his computer.

I think it's a great testament that after all this time we've not killed each other. Most couples couldn't help themselves.

While working with my husband I am often privvy to conversations he has because his phone conversations are "in my bubble". I can't help it if I have a big bubble. I think it might be genetic.

On the particular day in question this is the conversation I hear:

"Hi Judy, I need two nipples. [pause, then some chortling] It's for my big gray hose."

I lean over and try to look around his monitor. Even leaning over I still can't see him.

He continues, "I don't care what color they are as long as they're the right size."

Obviously he's an equal-opportunity nipple seeker.

"Okay, I'll be down to see you this afternoon!"

He hangs up the phone and says, "Good news, honey, Judy has the nipples I need. Now we can get the pool running."

Well, thank goodness for Judy.


  1. Parts ... you can tell they were all named by men, and probably men sitting around giggling. "Hey, let's call these nuts and call these screws. Har har har, arn't we funny?"

    When I worked for a trucking company, I had to occasionally make parts runs. I finally asked the shop to just have orders ready in my name, so I wasn't forced to go to parts houses and say things like "Hi, I'm here to pick up a dozen red butt connectors." I never could do it with a straight face ...

  2. You guys must have an awesome relationship, indeed. I would have long been in state prison for murder living and working in that situation.

  3. Tati: Oh come on, let me hear you say "red butt connectors"!!

    Shawn: Some days we do, some days we don't. It's not always pretty, but most days it turns out well.

  4. Wendy,
    I love your writing style! I am cracking up reading your different posts. I have to keep it down, I share an office with my boss, my giggling makes him look up from his work. Can't have that...

    I work for an engine manufacturer and the guys around here use this strange "male" and "female" terminology describing some of the parts for an engine...

  5. Laughing!!!

    My hb's computer is right across from where I write on my laptop -here in our little study! :) But, luckily, he isn't in here as much as I am ...haw!

    I laughed at your comment you left on the TG blog about metaphorical bouncing!

  6. I sometimes say how great it would be to work together to my husband. You should see the look he gives me! In any case, we all need friends like Judy.

  7. ooh I could never put up with having my hubby around all day. I work at home; he doesn't. I'm a self-starter and actually work when I'm home. He doesn't. lol. If he has a late morning meeting or something and he's hanging out around the house he just wants to chat and I'm like...helloooo? Isn't it time for you to go to work? I think I need more alone time than most people....

  8. Oh my, what a play on words!
    I don't know if our long marriage would last if we would share an office. We have a huge open kitchen and when he helps me, we still manage to run into each other LOL
    Thanks for visitng me!

  9. Hi Wendy!

    I am so impressed with all your blogs. Wow. And that you can work with, live with and be married to the same person. You are a saint!

  10. Too funny. I liked your 'in my bubble' comment:). It's so true!!

  11. At least you can't say that he doesn't want to bring a little bit of excitement into your marriage. Judy is clearly one resourceful woman.

  12. Ha! Love the "labels" for this post!

  13. you madam, have a marriage of steel, good for you. my husband and I would surely strangle each other by mid-week of woriking together. I always think couples who can do this are amazing, and it says a lot about your relationship - in a really great way.

  14. Congrats on your longevity and sense of humor. Tight quarters can be tough.

  15. Well, we have a lot of nipple talk around our house. It's always about mine. You know, the nursing mother that I am.

    "Honey, I never thought I'd say this, but you have a little leakage from your left nipple."

    Nothing like that to get you all hot and bothered!

  16. Kim: Don't get fired!

    Kathryn: Welcome over here and congrats again on your new book!

    Margo: Your hubby is smart. It's definitely a risky move! And you're right about Judy. (I think.)

    Funnyrunner: I'm self-employed. You'd be surprised how many people think that means "nothing to do all day".

    Jeannette: Thanks so much for the return visit!

    Reya: Saint... not so much. I've got a post coming up in a few days that shows the OTHER end of the working-together-spectrum. It ain't purdy.

    MJ and Lawyer Mom: Thanks for dropping by. I enjoy your visits (and wandering by your place.)

    Envie: Protect the bubble!

    Madame DeFarge: You're making me rethink Judy.

    Ennui: I'm spicing the place up!

    Sherri: It's kind of cliche to say "oh, my husband is my friend" or "I married my best friend", blah blah ad nauseum. HOWEVER, in my case it sort of did turn out that way. I try to remember that during the times when we're having the least amount of fun. :)

    Shannon, my friend and soul-sister: Or nothing like that to make me vomit a little in my mouth. TMI! (This I can say to a woman who has been my friend for, dare I say it, 20 years.)

  17. Oh Wendy ! I 've got stitches in my stomach laughing !


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