April 6, 2009

Blast from the Past

I ran across these when I was looking for something else. These are pictures of The Toddler as a newborn after his very first bath. He was completely traumatized. I still can't get over those eyes!



  1. Those are terrific pics
    -what a sweet baby!

  2. It's so easy to forget how little they are when they are new. It goes so fast, so very fast! What a precious little bundle of mischief he is!

  3. Even at such a young age, you can tell that's a kid who's going to be jumping in some puddles.

  4. LOL. Shawn's comment cracks me up! My first impression is... what nice NAILS you have! Why can't mine look like that? okay, okay... cute baby! :)

  5. Precious!!!

    Thank you so much for coming to my blog and making a comment. Naturally, I wondered where you popped in from. Then I noticed that you follow SNAIL-MAIL blogs!!!!!


    Can you tell I'm just getting back into snail-mail? And not finding it easy, actually. To now find people who want to. But I found some blogs, which deal with it. And I joined the Letter Writers Alliance. So, I have hopes.

    Mmmmmmmm, I take it you correspond via snail-mail, as well as have a bunch of blogs and Twitter, and raise 2 sons. Somehow, you sound as if you have so much energy that you'd probably put me to shame. -grin- But... if you're game for another correspondent, please do tell me, via e-mail. And we can exchange addresses.

    la dot attico at yahoo dot com

    'Aunt Amelia'

  6. it is amazing how they start out like this and then keep on growing....we just celebrated one of our kids 21st birthday!

  7. Everyone, thanks so much for the comments.

    Ginny, Shannon, Mama Goose: thanks! :)

    Shawn: if only I'd been as astute as you two years ago I would have been buying a lot of SC Johnson stock.

    Funnyrunner: my nails are bloody stumps now. That was probably TMI, sorry. :)

    Aunt Amelia: Hey, I'm an LWA member, too! You need to go check out another blog of mine at passionforletters.com!

    Shannon, Victoria: It didn't seem fast til Julius got into school. Now it seems insanely fast.

  8. Hey, Wendy. I've nominated you for a Zombie Chicken Award on my blog. Don't let the name scare you. It's a good award. You get to pass it on to 5 other bloggers now.

  9. Awwwwww ... what a cutie! I don't remember seeing these when he was born. He's adorable, sucking his thumb!

  10. Oh, what a precious shot. I remember when they were that sweet. Only briefly though, right? Next thing you know, they're ten? Or twenty-three?

    Thanks for taking me back. I saw each of my boys in those pictures. Such sweet moments.

  11. That's so sweet =)

    Our oldest son turned 18 not long ago and I'm desperately trying to find his baby pictures. We've moved things around and now I have no idea where I put them.

  12. Yup, seriously cute, especially the second photo, which for some reason reminds me of Tommy from the Rugrats. So contented looking.

  13. He looked happy as a clam, not traumatized at all.


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