April 9, 2009

Save the Words

I was cruising around at MommyKnows and ran across her Save the Words meme. I'm not playing because I don't really like to do the tag memes because I hate to inflict myself on people. (Well, mostly.)

However, I couldn't resist adopting a word myself:

blateration = blabber; chatter

I was very torn between two words: blateration and pregnatress

Blateration was an obvious choice since blateration is pretty much all I do around here. My life is filled with it. Blateration, I mean. Because that's what we're talking about. Blateration.

However, pregnatress was definitely a big temptation. It means "female power that generates or gives birth to something". For example, "I am the pregnatress of this blog." However, the word kind of gave me a heavy, bloated feeling. I was worried it might slow me down a little. So, I will leave that one for someone else, but do hurry over and visit pregnatress at least. It's a big and powerful word, stoic and solid. It's trained not to jump on you and is fairly well-behaved. Its nose is cold and wet and it never whines when you have to leave it to go to work. It's a great word.

Blateration, on the other hand, is proving to be a little bit unruly. Fun, but definitely rambunctious. Wish me luck. Now, go adopt a word!


  1. Hmm, I think I want blateration, though. I might have to pull a Bruno Hauptmann.

  2. Dude, keep your hands off my blateration. Although, for a price I might be willing to negotiate. Do you have anything good to trade for it?

  3. I have a copy of James Howe's children's classic, "The Celery Stalks at Midnight" but, uhhh, I guess you wouldn't be interested in that.

  4. ooh I want blateration, too! What a great word! the onomotopeia (did I spell that right?) of it is terrific! Love today's sponsor, too. lol.

  5. I adopted pseudisodomous
    a style of wall construction using stones of different thickness

    maybe I will use it someday . . .but I doubt that will come up everyday.
    blateration on, Wendy

  6. I wish I would remember to post as Ginny and not the HumaneSociety :)

  7. Shawn: I will take your copy of "The Celery Stalks at Midnight" and give you a burning brown bag of doggy doo. Let me know if you want to trade.

    Funnyrunner: I love blateration. I missed the sponsor, waah! Also, they changed up my sponsor thing so now it's not actually "today's sponsor". I need to fix it.

    HumaneSociety: Ginny, knowing you I'm sure you'll actually find an occasion to use that word.


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