April 5, 2009


It's Small Town Snapshot Sunday! Read the rules and get the banners here. Be sure you include the link to your post at the bottom of this entry and also, tag your post "stss" or "small town snapshot sunday" so people can search for it and find you!

Here is my contribution:

This is what we do in our small town on a Saturday or Sunday. We explore nature, spend time with family, etc. I know it's not a picture of the "town" I live in, but I hope it captures the feeling of the small town I live in. Plus, the picture cracks me up and I just HAD TO post it.

Small Town Snapshot Sunday Participants
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9. Smalltown Girl

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  1. It does capture the spirit perfectly! Bottoms up! :)

  2. Well, looking at this photo explains why the men love your mom so much!

  3. You're gonna get me in trouble.

  4. Thanks for adding my link. I LOVE your blog and plan to be back often.

  5. Love the picture. I think I remember when my boys were that young and everything was such an adventure. Happy Sunday!

  6. IF I can keep everything cooperating for a little bit I'll be back here to post my contribution :) and your picture cracked me up too...all those butts :D haha

  7. Hi Wendy, thanks for stopping by, I wasn't aware of this weekly post. But currently I am just sticking with the two I already do, as I prefer to do personal blogs the other five days of the week. I do apppreciate the invite though and wish you luck with it.

  8. Hi Wendy .... just stopping by to say hi.


  9. "The family studied the alien's footprints, intrigued by the lights they had seen the night before..."

  10. Great pic, brought a huge smile to my face. :)

  11. What a neat idea! Thanks for adding me. I am honoured!


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