April 26, 2009

Small Town Snapshot Sunday #6

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The pictures I wanted to use today for STSS are stuck in my camera because I forgot my cord at work! So, as I was looking through some pictures I'd previously taken, I found some odds and ends in a similar theme of "roads". So, now I present... small town hiways and biways:

One great thing about living in a small town is that you sometimes have the highways all to yourself and you can walk anywhere you want.

There are very few sidewalks in the town where I live. You walk on the side of the road and move over when a car comes by. My neighborhood and downtown is the only place you'll find sidewalks, although we're about to go "uptown" soon and get some sidewalks on our big highway when it's widened. Wow, how fancy is that??

Downtown, after a rain:

I love the way our roads snake and twist through the trees, over the hills, down through the valleys. The sharp twists and turns make you slow down, watch where you're going, pay attention to detail. This is a place where you can enjoy the drive.

And sometimes there's barely a road at all. Sometimes it's just a track of gravel or even dirt.

And sometimes a road doesn't even have that. Sometimes it's just a space between the trees, a gap littered with sticks and leaves, nothing but a memory of a road that used to be there long ago.

Have a happy Sunday in your small town. (And don't forget to add a link to your own STSS post!)

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  1. Surprisingly, or perhaps not, those pictures could almost be taken around here. There are similarities in small towns everywhere I imagine.

  2. I just started a similar re-occuring theme at my place. We're not totally rural or small, but our area in Georgia has a lot of pastures, winding roads, and idyllic scenes - lots of old barns/houses, neat fences, etc. I have to watch that I don't run off the road into a ditch as I forget sometimes that I'm driving, or my car veers toward where I'm looking! Love your photos.

  3. I love pictures of roads and paths! Today's post isn't a picture--sorry! Our town has been through so much in the last 10 months. You'll have to imagine the anxiety. I promise--I'll get it right next week!

  4. Wait, no. No, no. You can't have exceptional writing talent AND photography skills. You have to choose.

  5. Shawn, okay, that does it. You've crossed the line. Because I'm madly in love with that comment you just made I will have to go look at your blog every hour on the hour for the next eight weeks. Damn you.

  6. Quite lovely!!!! I love walking in small towns and having the whole road to walk on.

  7. That should be your regular routine, anyway. Even when I haven't posted in days.

  8. A: It's one of the joys and wonders of small town life!

    Only a movie: thank you! And thanks for stopping by.

    Wayside: Love your theme.

    Mrs. E: Sometimes words are as good as pictures.

    Envie: This reminded me... I am going to start looking for some ghost towns now! Since we've pretty much got the littlest one potty trained it's a great time to take him out for a road trip test drive!

    Shawn: Your posting frequency has been quite remarkable, but I'm pretty disappointed you had nothing new to entertain me today. I wish you'd stop slacking. :)

  9. beautiful photos and wonderful idea! thanks for including me!


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