May 24, 2009

Small Town Snapshot Sunday #10

It's Small Town Snapshot Sunday! Read the rules and get the banners here. Be sure you include the link to your post at the bottom of this entry and also, tag your post "stss" or "small town snapshot sunday" so people can search for it and find you!

One of the joys of living in the country is that there are a lot of hidden treasures to explore. Sure you can go to parks or nature trails or whatever, but in my daily work I have the privilege of being able to accidentally run across these hidden joys randomly.

Here are two beauties from this week. I hope you're having a great Sunday no matter what size town you're in today!

Small Town Snapshot Sunday Participants
1. honeypiehorse
2. Ozark Life
3. Woman of Faith
4. Anna
5. Views From A Small Town
6. mrs. e

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  1. I have been wanting to join in with this so much but I keep asking myself: "what on earth do I have to take pictures of around HERE?" Well, I'm going out with my camera today so let's find out :)

  2. It's hard. I grew up in LA and i live in Munich. But I tried.

  3. I want to go there! :)

    Wendy, I would love to participate. I plan to get a digital camera soon. I've been bit by the camera bug. The other day I was driving down the road and saw so many "going-out-of-business sale" signs and then a person wearing a cell phone costume for US Cellular with a written advertisement for a construction company on the back. I thought, I should have a digital camera to capture this moment in time. This is a sad reality of the times we are living in. I wouldn't contribute such a depressing thing, of course.

    I'd love to share pictures of the old farmhouses. The chipped paint and rusted tin roofs tell such a story.

    I'm in a reflective mood, in case you haven't noticed. lol Have a wonderful Sunday, beautiful woman! Hugs.

  4. Elizabeth: Are you kidding me? Last week I took pictures of my kids eating watermelon. LOL. Not the most exciting STSS post ever. Remember it's all about life in small towns and it's not about how exciting or cool it is -- it's about the special moments, the little things, the old ways, the slow ways. It's good stuff!

    Honeypiehorse: Well, I'm waiting for you to go on a road trip to some neighboring small towns. Old abandoned buildings? Ghost town? Countryside between towns? I know you've got it in you, girl!

    Tantra flower: Aw, I always love hearing from you. I can't wait to see what you come up with. I bet you have a good eye for beauty and wonder! Get crackin'! :)

  5. beautiful ... reminds me of where i grew up

  6. Beautiful photos and so peaceful as well!

  7. what a cool idea!! Love your photos!

  8. Wow, you do live in a lovely spot - and to come across such beauty in your daily work is a gift, indeed!

    Lovely pictures. Just lovely!

  9. By the way, thanks for bringing Chemo Angel and Spirit Jump to my attention. I hadn't heard of either and both look like excellent organizations.

    At the moment I have an embarrassment of support, both personally and in the blogging world, but I am very drawn to the idea of joining one or the other of these organizations as a volunteer.

  10. Crafts: Thank you. Nature makes it I just shoot it. :)

    B.Blonde: We're both lucky then, getting to grow up in places like this!

    Barry: Thanks, and it's awesome you're considering volunteering. I hope you'll also pass the word. They are both great groups.

    Anna: Thanks. I hope you will participate with us next week!

    Jay: I'm not very well-traveled, so I'm sure there are many gorgeous places not even that far from me, but this is home and very satisfying to be here!

  11. An important part of our small town: the graveyard. Spent our Sunday decorating the graves of our loved ones.

  12. What great places to take little boys! Beautiful photos.

  13. I like the small town photos, thats cool, I used to live in Indiana so it brought some memories back I guess.

  14. I really enjoyed your pictures. I do the same thing myself, but usually when I get off work. There is park right behind my house. It's beautiful in the summer time. I'm new to this blogging thing, so if you get a chance check out my latest blog and give me some feedback. thanks


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