March 29, 2009


It's Small Town Snapshot Sunday! Read the rules and get the banners here.

(Be sure to add a link to your STSS post via Mr. Linky which is below the picture. If you can't see it for some reason, please let me know by adding a link to your post in the comments and I will add you manually.)

Small Town Snapshot Sunday Participants
1. A Changing Life
2. Kathy
3. Smalltown Girl
4. Views From A Small Town

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  1. I love your shot. Cropped? Or did you hide behind the grasses?

    My first entry. :) It will be very interesting to see the different interpretations.

  2. Hey there! I am thrilled you are joining in the small town celebration! Your shot was great!

    Mine isn't cropped. I would have bumped up the color a little bit but I don't have photoshop or anything on this computer so it's just the way it was in the camera. I think the color is weak, but I like it anyway.

    Funny story behind the composition. There is a house on the corner across from the church and it had these huge grasses in it. I wasn't sure if anyone was living in the house or not. The grass was right on the corner so I sort of hunched down and "commando ran" behind the grasses to get my shot and got out fast in case anyone yelled at me to get out of their yard.

    Terrible, I know, but I really wanted that picture!

  3. Thanks for adding me to Mr Linky. I didn't see it, and I'm glad you pointed it out because I seem to have had it blocked. That explains a few mysteries recently.....

  4. I wonder if anyone else is having trouble with it. I will post at the top to remind people to look for it in case they are having the same problem as you.

  5. I see it and I'll be here in a little bit with my link :D I love your picture!

  6. K, I'm in doll and I didn't have any trouble with Mister Linky just so you know :) ♥

  7. lol. I think I'm too techno-retro to get how to do this, but I don't have anything to post yet anyway... lol. Maybe a little kid can help me...


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