March 4, 2009

Crisis of Non-Biblical Proportions

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I was going to call this one "Crisis of Biblical Proportions", but my husband said it was probably irreverent to compare the problem of our still-missing TV to things like the Parting of the Red Sea or the Ten Plagues of Egypt.

We have, well... HAD a really nice TV. I mostly blog, but I listen to the TV frequently while Rob watches. It's gone, though, and I miss it. I miss being able to watch videos. I miss movie night with the kids.

Another thing I miss is video games. Total addict. It's a little bit embarrassing because I try to talk to my peers about video games and apparently I'm the only 40-something woman I know who still plays them. And on top of it I like first-person shooters. On the other hand, if Rob were ever to leave me because he's tired of me talking about him on my blog I can easily get a date because guys love girls who love first-person shooters.

He'll never leave me, though, because he knows we'd have a big fight over all the electronics equipment. And I could never leave him because I don't know how to hook all of it up anyway. We have what scientists call a "symbiotic relationship".

Since I can't actually play any video games, I pretend I could go buy more equipment and accessories at ShopWiki which is a very cool place to shop since it compiles about 485,000 different shops in one place. Okay, actually just about 30,000... but still.

I check frequently on the Nintendo Wii since we don't have one of those and I'd like one for the kids. (I'm waiting for the prices to go down, but they never do!) It would make me feel less guilty about letting them spend time playing video games. Some friends of ours came over for dinner once and brought their Wii and I was sore for two days afterward. (I think it was the boxing that did me in.) It was great fun though.

Are you a gamer? Have any cool ones to recommend? My top three are: Destroy All Humans, Call of Duty and Oblivion. What are yours?


  1. I'm a HUUUUUGE video game player!! But I'm a huge kid too :D My favorites are Spyro, Crash Bandicoot, Scooby Doo and Test Drive lol

  2. Hey, I've not done ANY of those. I bet you would like Munch's Odyssey and Oddworld Stranger. They are "funky".

    I don't do driving games. I am BAD at them!!

  3. You are soooo funny! I WOULD be addicted to video games if I weren't so afraid of going into the boys' lair in the basement... I've given up on any kind of order. I don't know how they find the Wii...

  4. My boys aren't quite old enough to have a "lair" yet, but Julius is planning one. The other night he got out paper and pens and was drawing a plasma TV. He said he and The Toddler wanted one in their new room that we don't have yet. (We're planning an addition in the next 2-3 years if all goes well.)


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