March 5, 2009

The Future is Now (if you have enough money)

Hubby and I love technology and gadgets. The cool thing about being in the job we do (real estate) is that you get to use quite a few gadgets. The obvious -- a computer, very cool software to draw out property boundaries, GPS units and related software, laser doo-dads that open lock boxes, and a high quality digital camera. The legal forms we use now have a way to do a digital signature that has encryption that is supposed to be better than what banks use.

These days it's like living in the future.

Hubby has a little doo-hickey attached to his computer that has a glowing red finger pad on it. He loads up all his passwords to the computer and any time he needs to log in somewhere he just puts his finger on that glowing thing and SHAZAAAAM! No more passwords to remember. I'm waiting him for install something that starts doing retinal scans on us all. I'm drawing the line there.

Something I was looking at on the Internet today is keyless locks. It works sort of like Rob's password finger scanner. Oh, wouldn't that be handy?? Then I wouldn't have to suffer through those moments with The Toddler when he's whining wanting to get into the house and I'm fumbling around with the keys. There's even a keyless lock that doesn't look like one. It has the little finger pad underneath and has a keyhole to make it look like you still use a key.

In fact, wouldn't that be cool if EVERYTHING had keyless locks? The car, the ignition, my house and when I have to start padlocking the fridge when my boys turn into teenagers -- even the fridge!

Okay, really what I want is a smart house like on the show Eureka. Except when it goes berzerk and tries to kill you. But other than that it's cool. The only thing that would be cooler is if the house also cooked and cleaned for you.

What would be your most awesome techno dream?


  1. Remember the Archie comics? The rich boy on there invented a TV that would spit out whatever was on the screen...I want one of those :D

  2. The Toddler and I were watching something on TV the other day... I can't remember what it was. I think there was a little animal on the screen or maybe somebody's pet. He kept reaching toward the screen saying, "Out... out..."

    I kept trying to explain you can't get stuff out of the TV but he'd have none of that. So sad!! :(

  3. lol. The "out...out" reminds me of Poltergeist...

    Anyway.... I wish my boys had on/off buttons. GOSH that would make the day go by more smoothly.

    "Mom... Why do we have to.." click. ahhhh.

  4. I'd like a central device that would make all of my important possessions beep when I needed to find them. My reading glasses, for example, my car keys, the tv remote, the portable phone, the child . . .

  5. Funnyrunner... did you see that movie "Click" with Adam Sandler? He had a remote with a mute button. If you've not seen the movie, you should. :)

    Lawyer Mom... ooh, that's a really great idea. In fact, I don't know why that wouldn't be possible to some extent. You should patent that idea!


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