January 12, 2009

Long and Rambling Madness

In response to an accidental meme that my pal Ginny started (sort of), I've posted a sample "Day in the Life of..." Wendy. It might explain a lot about why I am the way I am.

You can check it out over at: Three Girls Grown Up


  1. that was my life a little while ago (or at least a lot like it). Might be like it again soon. I prefer summer to winter because at least then you can throw kids outside.

  2. What does that mean, "might be like it again soon"? Do you have some good news to tell us???

    Yeah, the winter here is hard. Those poor boys run up and down the hallway because there's no place to go. On a sunny day I'll take them to the park, but with the little one it is hard. He doesn't understand about bundling up or putting his hands in his pockets if they get cold!

    Well, one more year and it will be more sane. Maybe. (Am I dreaming??)


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