January 11, 2009

Spilling Over the Sides

I have another little casual blog that is mostly just for family. All I do over there is post crummy phone pictures for our far-away friends and family, most of which would not interest anyone but us. (And actually, I'm not even sure it's of interest to them some of the time.) However, there is one little adventure you may want to see called The Great Cucumber Caper.

Also, this morning I was putting Shrek 2 into the DVD player for Tristan and he pointed to the cover at Princess Fiona and said, "Mommy!" Man, he needs to learn how to compliment women. That is NOT how.


  1. As part of said "family", I want you to know that I LOVE your blogs - every last one of them!

  2. Aw, you're so sweet! I love you. :)

  3. If he really loves the movie, I'm sure it was a compliment. ;-)

    And I loved the cucumber story. My kids normally manage to chew the heck out of the cardboard packaging of something or other I have put in the cart, so a cucumber sounds pleasantly healthy even unwashed!

  4. Ha! My son recently made a similar mistake- he used our family "compliment" (which is a horrible put down) in an email to a girl he likes. D'OH!.

  5. Loquacious, do we even want to know? (Oh you know we do!)

    Jenny, mmm... yummy wet cardboard. A friend of mine was coming toward us the other day with a horrified look on her face and I said, "Are you okay?" and she said, "Do you know what he's chewing on?" I looked down and he had the END OF A SAUSAGE TUBE in his mouth! So gross.


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