January 9, 2009

Horrible, But True

This is one of those stories you'd swear I made up, but honestly I didn't.

My husband was getting his hair cut today and the lady that trims his hair was embroiled in some heated conversation with her daughter's daycare provider.

Apparently when the daughter went to pick up the 2-1/2 year old boy from the sitter today, the sitter mentioned he had pooped in his pants. Then she went on to say, "Well, I showed him. I took him outside and hosed him down!"

I am not kidding. It was about 40 degrees here today. Mix that temperature, a naked 2-1/2 year old toddler and water from a garden hose that was probably very little above freezing. Now tell me DHS isn't gonna have a field day over at the sitter's house on Monday morning.


Photo credit: Kiwanja


  1. That is horrible!

    Stupid people!

    I hope the kid is okay.

  2. HOLY COW!!!!!! that is horrible...and as you said...a story that is too amazing to not be true...
    It always amazes me at how stupid some people can be....

  3. I doubt she'll be a sitter for long, huh?

    Sadly, that's not the worst story involving children and babysitters I've heard.

    The Natural State Hawg

  4. Unfortunately, yeah, there are worse stories. What's sad on top of that is that in our area we have very few daycare providers. We have only two "commercial" or community-run daycares and one of those is on the end of town where it's not convenient for people to take their kids. There's no place to take your children! I'm very lucky. I have a sitter we have known since I was in high school. (We went to school together.) Our families have been friends for a gazillion years and her daughter is training to take over when she is old enough. Very fine folks. I wish there were more like them!

  5. These kind of things should never happen. It's so horrible that I just can't find words for it.

    When out oldest son was 1 year old we went to pick him up from daycare and we couldn't find the personal. We found our son alone and bleeding, he had scrubs all over and he had a swelling the size of half an egg on his head. It took us 20 min to find a member of the personal, she was in another building, and she couldn't tall what had happened or why they had left a 1 year old all alone. ... Needless to say that was the last time we sent him there.

  6. Kadri, no way! What is wrong with people and the way they think? What a horrible story. I hope you got someone in trouble that day!


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