June 28, 2009

Small Town Snapshot Sunday #15

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The weekend before 4th of July is traditionally reserved for our Archey Fork Summer Festival. We all gather downtown at the park, enjoy over-priced carnival rides and food, a fishing derby, an awesome car show, local musicians and other lovely small town mayhem. It's awesome (except for the heat this year) and one of the highlights of our year.

I've included a ton o'shots below that give you a flavor of my small town...

Saturday starts off with a fishing derby for the kids. The Game and Fish Commission stocks our pond for us. There are 350 hungry catfish waiting for the killing to begin!

This year we had a great place to fish. Usually we dam up a small creek (Town Branch) that runs through the middle of the city. Last year the dam broke twice and the Mayor decided it was too dangerous to try to do that again this year. The city was going to have to pay almost $10,000 to come up with some dam system that we could re-use but there was nothing in the budget for it.

One member of the city council wanted to build a pond, but again money was an issue and we weren't sure there was time to dig a pond even though we have a great place for it. Turns out a business in the city who uses a lot of excavation equipment volunteered to dig our pond for us at no charge to the city. It's probably a $40-60,000 project that got donated for free to the city. Oh it's the awesomeness of small town cooperation!

Julius sits on the bank and waits for a catfish to bite. He's never caught a fish before.

We use "power bait" which is very smelly, but catfish like smelly stuff. In fact, the city was giving out free bait when kids signed up for the derby. It was basically fish blood and guts and pieces of crawfish pressed into this tater-tot shape powerhouse of horrific stink that you could smell all the way to the parking area. I got tickled because my brother's girlfriend, when she finally realized what smelled so bad, pointed to my brother and said, "Oh, I thought it was you."

Julius catches his first fish!!

For some reason, Julius felt compelled to poke the fish. I was having some trouble with the fish lying around gasping. Fishing seems really barbaric, to me, if one is not properly prepared. I would have rather had a stringer or bucket. It's still a little cruel, but I don't have a problem with it if you are eating the fish. It's food, it's natural. I was hoping he would just measure it and release it but he wanted to keep it. We actually ended up giving it to an old man who was there with his granddaughter and I'm sure with this one and the others they caught they had a great meal!

Julius's catfish is 15-3/8". The prize winning fish for the day was 16-7/8".

Mary (my brother's girlfriend) and Tristan check out the fish. All morning Tristan carried this fish in a bag and kept walking up to other people who had fish demanding that they put their fish in his sack.

Late in the afternoon the ride part of the festival begins.

A guy is there with his snake. His girlfriend had a tiny snake that she was wearing around her neck.

Important safety tip: WEAR SUNSCREEN

The rides were horribly over priced. One trip down this slide was $2 per kid. EEGADS!

Tristan is a chick magnet.

I like looking at all the carnival workers.

Great day with a big fireworks show at the end. I'm saving that for next weekend!


  1. Looks like a lot of fun! I can just imagine Jazzy telling people they need to put their fish in her bag. LOL so cute!

  2. Love, love, love the last photo of the swings!

    You have a redhead also! Mine definitely has the fiery personality to go with the hair. Yours?

  3. Looks like you and your family had a blast!

  4. I had my STSS posted early Sunday but then went to the big city and am only now getting my "Mr Linky" listed. Oppps.... MY BAD! Looks like Wendy linked for me. I'm NUMBER 1! If you want to remove my second link, do it. I don't see any way for me to do it on this end.
    Now I'm going to go back and read your whole STSS post. Looks like some great fun and great pictures!

  5. I love these small-town Sunday posts and I even have a few photos I'd send along . . . if I weren't so obtuse and could figure out the directions.

    Oh, and that snake? On that guy's shoulders? Would have put me out for the day!

  6. Great, great pictures! This is exactly what it is like having the carnival come to town. Talk about a proud fisherman!!

  7. What a wonderfully fun day! Julius did really good with his first fish catch - pretty darn close to the record for the day. ;) Me, I prefer NOT to fish, for the reasons you cite. Hubby likes to go fishing at our pond occasionally; Ringo and I will go for the walk, but not to fish!

  8. Moonshadow didn't update the link - it's going to Kansas Born's blog!

  9. That looks like so much fun! The 4th is coming up and I am super excited for the small town parade I get to attend and I can hardly wait for the county fair to roll around in August. I love small town celebrations.

  10. Great photos. I like the one of Tristan (?) going down the slide. He looks SOOO happy.

  11. That looks really fun. Again I cheated. Some day I'll have some real small town pictures. Maybe when the kids grow up.

  12. Ahh,, small towns are wonderful. Makes me remember back when my oldest was about that age. Your kids,as well as yourself, will have buckets of memories.. big smile..

  13. You've got to love small town fairs! I really like the matching snakes on the couple! Very unusual.

  14. great pics! except for that one with the snake. ;)

  15. Your pictures remind me of Prestonsburg (back home) where a 4th of July carnival comes to town. My aunt and I always went to that and afterwords- like you- watched the fireworks. The only difference is we didn't have a pond to catch fish like Julius caught. I can't believe he just missed catching the prize fish. Still he caught a BIG fish. Congrats Julius. Hope all is well. Have a great night.

  16. Great pictures - interesting angles, and excellent Depth of Field. Your kids are adorable. You've really captured the small town feel in these photos.

  17. Woah. Can I honeymoon in your town? Actually, I'd like to procreate in your town.

  18. Carnival workers are cool, and occasionally creepy, to photograph.

    How fun! We have a similar fishing situation at a local club, only with trout. The kiddos love it.

    The broken dam story was very interesting. Pretty crazy!

  19. Do you mind if I use some of your photo's from this article for a post on facebook about the festival this year? This is the page, just trying to get the word out about the festival, let me know if this is a problem sdeweese@awginc.com the page is for a grocery store in Clinton: https://www.facebook.com/ClintonThriftwayFoods


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