February 19, 2009

The Weird and the Wonderful

When I see something like the video below, I just fall in love with life all over again. It's not that it's particularly moving or inspirational or life-altering. It's just... weird and whimsical and it reminds me that there are strange and fascinating people out there who breathe life into the ordinary world around them.

That breathing-life-thing... that's pretty awesome.


  1. I thought that was an awesome video. I was hypnotized by it seriously lol I couldn't stop watching. And when he was first in the bed with her and was doing the umm ok I'm going to sound stupid here but Idk how else to say it *haha* remember in junior high when you would make those paper thingiemajiggers that fit on your hand and you asked a question and you moved your fingers and made the paper change what panel was showing. Oh yeah, you wrote things on the paper first lol way to make myself sound even more stupid :p Anyway, that's what it looks like in his hand. I liked it :D

  2. Wow, if that doesn't make you smile, your mouth is broken. :)

    Thanks for bringing a smile and a bit of whimsy to my day...


  3. That was great fun and a brilliant idea.

    It must have taken forever to film!

    Talk about walking in your sleep!

  4. Great video! Quite special. Must have took forever to choreograph and film it.

    You should have a go at making one!


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