February 21, 2009


The Toddler, I have mentioned before, is very high strung. Hence, I am very high strung. Or maybe I have that backwards.

Anyway, he has a new word... "relax". It's because I say it to him frequently. He now repeats it as I get him tucked in to watch a movie and calm himself, except when he says it it comes out very gutteral like, "Ehhr laaaaaacks" with his tongue curling over sideways and his face scrunching up painfully. I paused tonight wondering if he says it that way because that's the way I actually say it in my freaked out efforts to calm him.

I read a great parenting tip once, I can't remember where, that said to get into the habit of imagining a small mirror stuck to your child's forehead. What does your face look like? What a powerful parenting trick! I'm not even sure I want to imagine it.

At the moment, everyone but The Toddler is sitting in the living room. Toddler Prince is in the room watching a movie screaming, "Mommeeeeee!" When I ask him what he wants, he says, "Jyooooce!" So I tell him to bring me his cup and I will give him a drink. He yells back, "Here!" We are doing this right now for about the 12th time. My husband assures me if I hold firm and don't give in, eventually he will either stop yelling or he will bring the cup in. He reminds me I'm not a slave to The Toddler at which time Julius pipes in, "Yes she is!"

The wisdom of the 6 year old! He's got it nailed.


  1. Relax it'll be ok...

    LOL Oh my goodness I remember these days :o These days are the reason I was gray headed at 26! :) I wonder if that's true about the face he made being the face you made... That's a hmmm moment for me. I bet I made some crazy faces!

  2. Awww LOL!! He sounds so cute:). Cute is a good thing.

  3. I'm so happy mine are teenagers by now. =) And he's right, you are the toddlers slave.


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