December 24, 2008

Is This a Problem?

Tristan's new year's resolution (he's 2, so we made it up for him) is to be potty trained.

When I picked him up at the sitter we began talking about it and mentioned it to him in an off-handed manner. I say a lot of things to him in an off-handed manner because I think he doesn't either 1) listen to me or 2) he doesn't understand me, except now I'm wondering if I am wrong on both counts.

So, anyway, we're talking about the plan to potty train and he starts getting this really stressed out look on his face and wants me to pick him up and hold him, which I do.

In a cordial, casual manner I ask, "Hey, what do you think about no more diapers? Are you ready to wear big boy pants?"

He looked very alarmed and said emphatically, "No!"

In an effort to be helpful, the sitter says, "Hey, what about some really cool underwear with Scooby Doo on them!"


"Transformers? Cars?"




In an effort to be funny and lighten the place up I said, "Barbie?"


Oh, his dad is SO not gonna like this.


  1. Oh too funny! My SweetPea wanted Scooby Doo- not harmful, but VERY hard to find in little girl sizes.


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