December 17, 2008

Did He Really Just Say That?

I was watching the news tonight, actually just staring at the TV more than anything, and George Stephanopoulos was giving his review on how Obama is doing with his picks for the cabinet.

He indicated that overall the President-Elect seemed to be getting a good cabinet, diverse, capable and without giving away positions for the sake of "tokenism". However, despite all this there are still complaints.

Liberals say they are not well-represented and women's groups say Obama is not doing as well with women as former President Bill Clinton did.

I actually had to use the Tivo and go back to make sure he actually said what I thought he said.


  1. That's funny. . . President Obama may never do as well with women. . . but perhaps he'll do as well for women. I think it's OK to say that. Maybe not?

  2. We live in interesting times, that's for sure!

  3. Well he's certainly doing okay with me!


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