September 28, 2009

Pancakes in the Nude

The following conversation took place between my mom and Tristan while we were on a short road trip over the weekend.  I can't remember exactly how the conversation got started but we were talking about cooking or food or life or who knows what.

Mom: Tristan, you have to learn how to cook.
Tristan: No!
Mom: Well, then you will have to get married so your wife can cook for you.
Tristan: I not getting married.
Mom: If you can't cook and you're not married how will you feed yourself?
Tristan: I no know.
Mom: You really need to learn to cook.
Tristan: No.
Mom: If you don't know how to cook you will have to take your pajamas off and go out to a restaurant to get pancakes for your breakfast.
Tristan: I not going restaurant naked!!


  1. First, I don't know how you do it. These two together are histerical.

    Second, I don't know whos plate of pancakes that is, but if it belongs to one of you, we are kindred spirits. I LOVE bacon with pancakes. Salty bacon in sweet Maple Syrup! MMMMMMM

  2. I'm with Tristan...I can't go to a restaurant naked!! (Or I shouldn't!)

  3. Isn't it funny how a simple photograph...oh, say of a stack of pancakes with bacon and maple syrup...can set all your senses on alert? I read this earlier in the evening, and now I have come back TO LOOK AT THOSE PANCAKES again. My mouth is watering, and I have that funny feeling I get when I need chocolate and there's not even a tiny chocolate chip in the house. And I SWEAR that I can smell the bacon and syrup.

    Oh, and I love the post...your mom's interaction with Tristan always reminds me of mine with my grandsons. It's so easy to be outrageous with them without them passing judgement or looking at us like we're pre-alzheimers. They get 'it', and us, at even this young age, and that is such a hoot.

  4. Tell Tristan to let his mind FREEEeee---

    okay maybe not.

  5. We occasionally have one or two family members eating breakfast or dinner in underpants.

    And now I'm craving IHOP.

  6. At least he understands he can't do that, haha.

  7. Precious! So very precious!...Isn't it funny how so many simple truths come from from one so small...And besides! Where would you put the little jelly packets you'd want to take home with you after your meal with no pockets?!

  8. Yes, Tristan is old enough to begin learning to cook do odd jobs around the house. You can start him on filing taxes next year.

  9. Pancakes in the Nude

    That sounds like a best seller.

    Tristan is so funny.

  10. Hey if I was hungry and the only way to eat was to go to a restaurant in the nude, I'd do it. And for pancakes?! OH HELL YEAH!!

  11. There's that logic sneaking in again!! Perfect :) Give him a hug for me :) Too cute!

  12. Your mom cracks me up.

    Rationalizing with a 2yr old, ha!

  13. If Tristan doesn't learn to cook, let's hope he ends up with someone who can. My poor husband did not.

  14. I followed his train of thinking. No problem.

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  16. Ah, it's better than you having to drill that sad fact of life into him later on ;)

  17. Ahahahahahahahaha! Funny kid!

    I bet he changes his mind about one or two things when he's a little older. ;)

  18. I love the relationship your Mom has with your kids. Their conversations are great. Insightful and humorous.


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