July 27, 2009

Win Dinner with Wendy! (UPDATED)

[The deadline for this contest has passed and I've put the correct answers in red italics. Thanks for everyone who played!]

I have to pause a moment in my life to talk about YOU instead of about me. I am grateful to all of you who check in routinely as well as those of you who check in merely as often as you can. I understand the demands of a busy lifestyle and am grateful for even one tiny minute of your time.

And so, because of my unflagging gratitude I would like to host a gladatorial game of sorts and the unlucky winner can quake with fear and trepidation at the prospect of the prize which is .... DINNER WITH WENDY!

Yes, it's true.

Okay, here is what you have to do. Below I will post "25 Things about Wendy". In those 25 things there will be THREE that are not true. To enter you must list in the comments the three things you think are not true about me AND for your tie breaker / bonus round write 1-2 sentences about why YOU should win dinner with Wendy and what your ideal dinner with Wendy would be. The winner will be the one who has the most correct answers. In the event of a tie I'll either pick randomly or possibly not really randomly at all. Or maybe let the kids throw darts at the blog to choose. This is not a scientific contest and possibly not even done legally in some states. (However, there is no purchase necessary to win and I will refund all the money you've paid me if you are not completely satisfied.)

And what exactly will the prize entail? It depends on the winner. Seriously. Unless you live five miles from my house I will not be there in body, but it will definitely be "dinner with Wendy". AND... the final, but very important rule is that if you win you must take a picture of yourself (and a friend or friends) having dinner with Wendy and send it to me. If you don't, I will make you babysit the kids. And possibly my husband.

Also, this is NOT a sponsored post, although if someone out there WOULD like to sponsor a giveaway for my lovely, charming and deserving visitors, please do. But make it something really cool so they will love me forever. And also possibly name a kid after me.

And now... on with the contest:

25 Things about Wendy
  1. Doesn't wear shoes at work
  2. Has never been upside down on a roller coaster
  3. Doesn't have her appendix
  4. Had a boyfriend who stomped a snail to make a point
  5. Loves long walks on the beach
  6. Ate a thousand year old egg
  7. Loves black jelly beans
  8. Doesn't drink coffee
  9. Hates celery
  10. Favorite movie line of all time: "All I wanted me was a little cornbread!"
  11. Can roll her tongue
  12. Has red hair
  13. Wore braces in her 20's
  14. Lived in a house with a Van Gogh mural on the ceiling
  15. Drove a getaway car
  16. Once represented herself in court and lost
  17. Almost joined the Navy
  18. Once hallucinated a dog food ad talking to her
  19. Has been bitten by a snake
  20. Has been bitten by a dog
  21. Has been thrown off a horse
  22. Once had a boyfriend with two different colored eyes
  23. Loves salamanders
  24. Doesn't have a favorite color
  25. Cracks her knuckles
That's all folks! Now go live dangerously and start guessing! This contest will close on August 15th at 11:59PM central U.S. time and the winner will be announced the following Monday. Please put your email on your comment entry if you don't have it on your profile!

(Anyone who has known me more than 2 years is not eligible to win, so you friends of mine who want free food will have to look elsewhere. Check my pantry.)


  1. Well, I'll jump right in and say I have no idea which of the 25 are not true, but I will guess #6, #14, and #20. And if I'm wrong about #6, then I'm not sure I want to have lunch with you...I'm totally grossed out by that one!lol

    AS to why I should have lunch with Wendy, well I just enjoy reading your blog so much, that I've worked up an enormous appetite, and I'm always available for a free meal! Of course, I will continue to read On the Front Porch if I don't win, but it will be on an empty stomach!

  2. 22, 11, 23.

    Come on. You don't even care about salamanders!

    I should win dinner with you because my blog was once "next to" yours and when I clicked "next blog" - there you were! And also, I'm kind of hungry, you know?

  3. My captcha was "noher" - we'll see if I do or not.

  4. Just for fun, I'll take 15,21,22.
    And if I got it, we need some video conference from Jakarta to America.

  5. Hmmm...this is a tough one. My stab in the dark is #5, #16, #23.

    And I should win because, like Miss South Carolina so wisely said "I personally believe that U.S. Americans are unable to do so because, uhmmm, some people out there in our nation don't have maps and uh, I believe that our, I, education like such as uh, South Africa, and uh, the Iraq, everywhere like such as, and I believe that they should, uhhh, our education over here in the US should help the US, uh, should help South Africa, it should help the Iraq and the Asian countries so we will be able to build up our future, for us.”

    Therefore, I would make a great dinner guest. You did mean as a guest right? This isn't a contest for who gets to make you dinner, is it? Either way. Pick me.

  6. 2 17 and 7 who knows but what a fun idea... i want to know how your going to pull off this dinner... I always enjoy your blog Wendy. Keep up the magnificent work :)

  7. Ok I say 11,19 and 23. Just because. One of my favorite lines is from the movie Life. I'll eat your cornbread. That alone makes us good food buddies. Jingaling Jingaling...ok u need to see the movie.

  8. I'm gnna go for numbers 7, 11 and 20, mainly because they're the most normal sounding, and I just KNOW all the loopiest ones will have happened to you.

    I want the REAL Wendy!


  9. OK, Wendy. I'm game.

    I know how much you hate celery, so I'm going to guess 15, 23 and 25. Since I'm probably way off, I expect you won't need a tie-breaker from me, but here goes anyhow. You should pick me because I haven't ever been to Arkansas, I'm a good and entertaining guest, and I help with clean up.


  10. btw, mentioning your blog in my post today. :)

  11. This comment has been removed by the author.

  12. Hi! I'm guessing 3, 15 and 19.
    I stumbled on your blog because I clicked "next blog" in a fit of boredom one day. I think it was the mayonnaise post.

    But coincidentally my son is named Tristan and my daughter's favorite restaurant is Wendy's. Also, we're unemployed and could use a night out. But that's not why you should pick me, just why I'm entering.

  13. Awesome list.

    Stomped a snail to make a point? Good gracious!

  14. My guess is:

    7, 20, and 23.

    I should win because I have become your most recent "biggest fan"!

  15. I'll say #7, #17 and #23. Mostly b/c 7/17 is my birthday and I'm just sort of guessing. But they sound right. I hate black jellybeans and salamanders, too. And you don't seem like a joiner, so I figured the Navy was out. haha Pick me b/c your mom and I both have kidney stones... and you and I both have two boys (even though I have a daughter, too)... and we just got back from Arkansas... and we'd love to have an excuse to go eat Mexican food!! :-)

  16. Wendy!

    But can you cook though? That's the real question here.

    I have no clue which items are false but if #14 was real that would be SO cool!!


  17. This comment has been removed by the author.

  18. Hi Wendy!

    After much deliberation . . . I've decided upon the following numbers: 6, 15, and 23.

    Now then, I should win dinner with Wendy because no matter what we end up doing, it will be fabulous! :)

  19. Well what if I don't want dinner with Wendy? sheesh.

    okay, just kidding.

    I'll guess 15,16, and 17. But if I win we get to really have dinner in person because we would have a blast (even though I just split an infinitive). no kids, right? just lots of wine?

  20. Congrats to Kiara!

    Three words: Horse Urine Egg.

    Why???!! You're gonna have to explain that thousand year old egg to me. BLECH!! ha!


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