July 5, 2009

Small Town Snapshot Sunday #16

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Happy day-after-4th of July! This week is my Part II of our Summer Festival... the fireworks! I don't have a tripod (but oh how I would love one) so I just did the best I could trying to hold still and shoot the show. Also, I don't know how to work my camera in the dark. It seems like the whole thing was doomed from the start, but I actually got some interesting shots. Not technically beautiful, but interesting if you squint your eyes. So... when you get to the pictures, please squint. We're on the honor system here.

July 4th also happens to be my father's birthday. He's passed on now, but I still always wish him a happy birthday anyway. Here is an interesting and odd fact: my dad's brother was also born on the 4th of July, but they aren't twins. They were born on the same day, but five years apart. For years they thought that all the fireworks and big parties were for their birthday. (This could explain a little bit about my dad's personality now that I think about it.)

I also wonder if my emotionally fragile grandmother just had the babies scared out of her because of all the banging and booming. I'll have to ask someone about that.

Anyway, enough about my eccentric family. On with the show!

I hope you're having a great Sunday no matter where you are!


  1. thanks for the fireworks pics. We went to see some at the beach and it was the first year in ages that a bunch of live ash didn't fall on our heads. A bunch of the little kids were wearing 3D glasses - I'd never seen that before - it would have make a great picture, but I didn't have my camera. Happy forth of July weekend!

  2. I think you did a great job, very cool fireworks photos!! :) I like #7 the best.

  3. Enjoying your blog. The pictures were very good, actually! My daughter shot some good ones too. Fireworks always make the Fourth a special holiday, along with the barbecue, the watermelon, the...
    Happy day after to you too!

  4. Ok, I am not to swift. I didn't add a tag to my post(I don't even know how), and I added it to my whole blog, not just today's post. Jeez! Sorry! I will do better next time, I promise! haha.

  5. Hi! This is the first time I've had another post I thought really fit here, so I've added it.

    Not only that, I've had wonderful fun browsing some of the other STSS posts, and others as well. It's nice to see this continuing - the longer I live in a big town, the more I love those small towns!

  6. So what you're telling us is that your Grandmother brought two of her sons in and out in this world with a bang? (Snicker)

    Nice fireworks photos.

    My twin sister and I were born on my brother's birthday. (He has never forgiven us, by the way. So out the the six kids in our family, half of us had the same birthday. Yeah. So sharing was a big issue in our family!

    My Dad's birthday was the day after Christmas. He was adamant that his birthday presents were wrapped in birthday paper and NOT Christmas paper. Even when he was a grown up! I loved that man, God rest his soul!

  7. These are some great photos without a tripod. We didn't see the town's fireworks but I did get some shots of our neighbors fireworks going off. They turned out better than I thought they would. I may post the rest of my pictures later but, you can see my favorite from last night over at my blog.

    My daughter was born July 5, 17yrs ago today. Before she was born I could here the fireworks going off. In my state of mind I thought it was another person banging on the wall of another room telling me to be quiet. Have a great day.

  8. I love the pics! We didn't do any fireworks this year, which was a total bummer for me! I love fireworks.

    I'm looking forward to trying out your STSS, sounds great!



  9. Wow, theyre pretty great pictures ^^ every 5/11 (or 11/5 I think Americans would say) I try and get stills of the 'works but only get a couple successes.
    does #1 look like a dragon to anyone else?

    Lovely (3

  10. It's my Dad's birthday on the 4th too, so nice of a whole country to celebrate it for him.

    Great photos and hope you had a great weekend.

  11. Ack! Don't hate me I did the small town snapshot thing WRONG... I am sorry I totally spaced, problem I dont know how to fix it, I linked it to my blog instead of just to the parade post. Sorry. Help?

  12. Hey, what a great idea! Thanks for the opportunity.
    Happy Day-After-the-Fourth.


  13. These are wonderful, amazing images. WOW!

  14. So many different colors! Lovely!

  15. Those are great pictures! How did you get them to turn out?

  16. OOOOoooohhhh! Aaaaahhhhhhhh! ;)

  17. Those fireworks pics are the best I've seen! Mine came out like black blobs with eyes. It was awful! Ran out of battery taking video and it was really grainy, too. Glad you guys are all doing well. Hope you had a great fourth!

  18. I didn't make it in time to get my link posted but I did do one...

    GREAT fireworks shots!

  19. Great, I love firework photos :) x


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