July 15, 2009


Life is one big fruit cocktail of good and bad things. Sometimes it's the cherries, sometimes you get the funny brown grape. (I know... I am quite the philosopher. In fact, I even dated a philosophy professor in college once. But that's a strange tale for another day.)

All wrapped up in a lovely life is some love and some hate.

Things I Hate...
  • When I can't get the smallest person in our house to eat anything
  • When the smallest person in our house runs away in the Exxon station and I have to grab the back of his collar because that's as close as I can get to him and it clotheslines him, knocking him to the ground and everyone in the store stares at me
  • Watching the smallest person in our house throw a tantrum in public
  • Strangers coming up to tell me I didn't hear the waitress call my number because I'm too busy yelling at one of my kids in public
  • Finding a whole stick of expensive real butter floating in a freshly made batch of tea
  • The hot glaring sun beating down on me in the summertime
  • Chiggers, mosquitos, ticks and being itchy for days and days and days and days and... well, you get the idea
  • And then there's celery
Things I Love...
  • The kids laughing as water balloons explode
  • Ice cream in the winter
  • A really good book
  • A breeze that lifts the stifling, heavy air of summer
  • Sitting in the hot sun with the kids at the park even though I hate it because it means I'm being a good mom
  • Floating on my back in the water
  • Snorkeling in a clear, blue ocean (oh, will I ever get to do that again??)
  • Long, cool showers
  • Quiet time
  • Getting a letter in the mail
  • Going barefoot
  • A cold glass of sweet tea
  • The smell of rain on the hot pavement
  • Hearing my kids say "please" and "thank you" to strangers
  • Throwing an entire package of celery in the trash when there is absolutely nothing wrong with it except that it's vile and disgusting
  • Ice, lots and lots of ice
  • Buy one get one free
  • Grocery coupons
  • The police scanner
  • Magic markers
  • When I can blog about the things I love and hate
  • When the Love List is longer than the Hate List
  • Being here with you
What do you love and hate?


  1. I ABSOLTELY HATE celery..lol.. This list is the reason so many people check in with you. First thing I did this morning while drinking coffe and opening up office. Thanks.. glenn

  2. both are charming lists with the best kind of details... you made me smile this morning :)

  3. Hello, I am hoping to find 27 women who would be interested in blogging once a month on my new blog... I really admire your blog and although you must be very busy, I'm hoping you will be interested... the blog is at http://28womenofthe21stcentury.blogspot.com

  4. I HATE that my son, known in the blogging world as Batman, refuses to eat everything. One day he eats dinner like a champ, the next, absolutely nothing. I hate that I have to make him go to bed hungry.
    I hate people using cell phones while working out in the gym, on a bike outside, rollerblading, etc.
    I LOVE discovering chocolate that my bf hid from me until it was critical that I must have some. I love sunshine early in the morning. I too, love a good book. Most of all, I love to laugh and hear other's laugh.

  5. Mosquitoes are my number 1 enemy during the summer. It never fails that when I walk outside, I come back in with at least 5 bites.

    Love your lists!

  6. HATE: when people try on fake accents; raw onions; sticky kitchen floors; people who try to be politically correct and end up sounding like mindless morons sans opinions of their own

    LOVE: honesty, thick quilts, guavas, my brother's home-brewed lattes, when my legs are shorn instead of foresty, children's books, butter with toast, new-book smell, striking matches, making my husband giggle, hearing my son snore, watching my daughter crochet

  7. Amen about the celery thing!!! As if putting peanut butter on it is going to make it yummy....I don't think so!! I've also clotheslined one of my little ones on more than one occassion, and gotten the same reaction. I always think...come on ladies, as if you've never done it! Let's be real here!
    Enjoyed your list...have a great summer, and being barefoot..one of my favorite things on Earth.

  8. Love Chocolate

    Hate when I have not chocolate!

  9. HATE: when people mess up simple grammar like "they're, there & their"; mosquitos; bananas (and banana bread); when someone ALWAYS has something negative to say.

    LOVE: tickling my 11 month old & hearing his full-on belly laugh; the beach (preferably a quiet one); aquariums (the kind you visit); coke slushies with a little bit of cherry mixed in; and sweet tea from Chik-Fil-A

  10. When I was 12 maybe 13 I stayed about a week with my pappaw. His wife had a granddaughter my age so she came to stay too. We got the bright idea to make prank phone calls (those were the days). During one of those pranks we were kinda mean. We called an old lady several times taking turns talking with her. When I became hungry I went out of the room into the kitchen where I heard the police scanner say they were checking out our prank call. I politely left the kitchen table and told my friend we had to call her back and let her know it was all a joke. Needless to say we didn't make anymore calls. Great list. Hope all is well. Have a great day.

  11. Thanks for the fun idea!


  12. Being barefoot....LOVE ITTTTT!

  13. Love the lists.

    I love the sea, forests, thunder and lighting and going home.

    I hate not being able to fall asleep at night, not having enough holidays and writer's block.

  14. Am I the only one who's going to ask about "Finding a whole stick of expensive real butter floating in a freshly made batch of tea"?

  15. We have quiet time at our house too, what does yours consist of?
    ours is we discuss the best/worst part of everyday for everyone and read books and say prayers before bed time, i have to admit the occasional tickle fight breaks out.

  16. I love that there's a "League for the Suppression of Celery" blog -- with more than 60 posts, no less. Brilliant.

  17. Things I hate(d)? A dozen eggs smashed on the kitchen floor. That, I really HATED.

    Ah, it is good to be the Venter.

  18. I love the lists. Sadly the one that jumps out at me right now is the *itchy* comment. I wonder what the heck I'm doing Down South when all I do is get chewed and gnawed on whenever I walk out the d@ng door! Argh!

  19. Love these lists! It's amazing how much we have in common!

  20. I don't even know what a chigger is!

  21. I'm there with you on the celery. :P

  22. My lists of "Hates" depends on what time of the month it is....today is a "good" week, so the hate list is small.

    I hate when people take their bad mood out on me. Will yelling at me make you feel better? If so, go ahead, but I'm gonna hate it.

    Prickers and mosquitos.


    Snotty pre-teen daughters.

    Sleep deprivation---we have a new addition to our family---he will bite on your chin if you don't wake up when "he" wants you too.

    I love...

    My snotty, pre-teen daughter who is so loving and sweet when she is not exhausted. Her very large canine friend is keeping the entire family from sleeping.

    Warm weather and A/C when needed to sleep comfortably.

    Orange-flavored Kool-Aid and Lemonaid made from actual lemons and sugar, not a mix.

    Oh, please write about the butter in the tea...Please?

  23. Vendella -- Understanding Alice has a really cool blog idea. I know you are at full capacity, but if you can squeeze in something more, you'd be great on her blog! Of course, that means time away from all our great ideas! ;-)

    Things I Hate

    Sleepless nights
    Coffee when I'm pregnant
    Making beds
    Folding and putting away clothes
    Texas heat
    Paying bills
    When the server gets my fast food order wrong
    Cigarette smoke
    Long car rides with two screaming kids

    Things I Love

    Rainy days
    Chocolate chip cookies with walnuts hot out-of-the-oven
    Long, hot baths in silence
    Morning snuggles with the girl and the boy
    Twirling the girl in the swimming pool
    A clean, fresh-smelling home
    The smell, the laughter, the joy of my girl and boy
    Devotion of my canine kids

  24. Love the lists! I hate chiggers too but oh do they love me.

    Butter floating in tea? Gawd, do tell.


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