November 9, 2008

Hidden Money

Is it just me or does this news story seem really messed up?

The story is that a contractor was doing some work on a house, found a whole bunch of money in the walls and a big legal fiasco ensues over who has the right to the money.

Everyone seems more amazed about the money in general and how much of a fight it turned out to be.

What nobody (but me) really seems to be amazed about is that there was a fight in the first place.

If you hire a contractor to come in and fix your bathroom and he finds a pair of Madonna's panties in the wall or the Holy Grail (to some people the same, maybe) or Ben Franklin's grocery list or $182,000 -- it seems like a no-brainer to me that he goes to the homeowner and says, "Wow, aren't you lucky... look at this cool thing I found in your wall."

Be careful who you let in your house! The cleaning lady, your babysitter, the Maytag repairman. God help you if they find something cool laying around your house. If it's worth something the courts just might say it's okay for them to have some of it!

[photo credit: Tracy Olson]


  1. That is insane. I'm totally with you. It just shows you how our country is going down, down, down. It starts with little things and then all of a sudden everyone is wondering how Big Brother is in charge.

  2. There was a news story in our local paper just this week about a similar case. The story said that most contracts for demolition have a clause in them that the contractors can keep what they've found. But you'd think it would be different for renovations. Here is a link to the story:

  3. Interesting article. How wonderful that the contractors donated it back when they didn't have to. Now THAT'S the spirit!

    I'm not sure how it is in the area where that other story took place but in the very tiny town where I live nobody even signs contracts when they are doing work. The best we usually have here is a written bid with a vague description of the work being done (and you have to ask for that).

    Thumbs up today for 3R Demolition!


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