November 11, 2008

Green Gumdrops

Sitting on the front desk in my office is a container of gumdrops. Everyone has picked out all the colors except the green ones. They've been lying there for days, rolling around at the bottom of this huge plastic container.

It bugs me that they are still there, like the last kids picked for a team, and yet I leave them there just to see what happens. I have to see if someone will come to claim them.

Is there anyone on the planet who likes green gumdrops? Or green candy of any kind for that matter. I asked my husband if he likes them and he said, "Sort of." What does that mean? The phone rang and I couldn't get a clarification. It seemed neurotic to go back and ask him about it and yet... here I am making a post on my blog about it. Is that less weird? I doubt it.

So, here is what I want to know. Hit the little comment link and tell me... how do you feel about green gumdrops? Is one of you out there a fan of them? Does anyone eat them? If not, why do companies make them? Is it simply because their absence would be conspicuous?

And why do all fruit flavors taste close to the actual fruit EXCEPT for the green ones? Fake lime tastes nothing like real lime. Why is it so hard to hit that nail on the head?

Tell me. Just tell me.


  1. You're so right..fake lime tastes nothing like the real lime. I guess that's the reason why nobody likes the green ones. I don't like them either. But then a gumdrop container wouldn't have looked nice without the green ones standing out amidst the red, orange and yellow :)

    ps there is a green mango candy made in my country that i really like, tho..

  2. I'm ambivalent about green gumdrops, but I can assure you that I'm a fan of green M&Ms. Why? Because those damned marketing madmen decided to exploit my built-in male weakness to the fairer sex, and went and turned the green M&M into an alluring female.

    And, by alluring, I pretty much mean that slapped a pair of white go-go boots on her and gave her some eyelashes. I have a thing for go-go boots...

    Coquetting Tarradiddles

  3. I remember getting in trouble for throwing a fit at my (probably) 4th birthday party because I wanted a green cake instead of the white frosting or maybe it was the color of the homemade ice cream, not sure which. I have slowly evolved from green to maroon as my favorite color, but it took a few decades.

  4. I'm not crazy about the green ones either. The only explanation I can think of is that they make the other flavors seem like more of a treat. (I'm enjoying this red one, and even more so when I imagine what it would be like if I were eating one of those stinky green ones). The contrast effect?


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