April 19, 2010

A Recipe from Tristan

Here is a recipe Tristan made up over the weekend and I thought I would share it with you in case you'd enjoy it.  He certainly does.


1 cucumber, peeled and cut into thin strips (like McDonald's fries), seeds removed

Put ginormous handful of cucumber slices on a plate.
Put liberal dollop of ketchup on same plate.
Dip "cucumber fries" into ketchup and enjoy.

(I shudder every time I see the image in my mind, but he sure likes them...)


  1. Er...yum? Wonder what he'll think of his recipe in five or ten years, lol.

  2. Ewww. I love cucumbers and am fond of ketchup, but together? hey, whatever gets them eating veggies. lol

  3. My twenty-month old just discovered ketchup and he will dip everything into it. In fact, he'll just eat it with a spoon, if I let him (tee-hee)!
    Can't say that it makes veggies more appealing, tho.

  4. I caught him putting his mouth on the top of the ketchup bottle, about to take a big swig of it. (So, if you come over to our house for dinner, don't use the ketchup marked TRISTAN because I'm certain it's probably tainted with boy germs.)

  5. Replace the ketchup with mayo and I'm eating with Tristan...lol

  6. I shuddered too!! For real. Well, as long as he likes it...

  7. ugh - gag me with a, well, a cucumber!

    I like cucumbers, but with ketchup? Not so much!

  8. EWWW. I will have my son try those.

  9. Give him carrot strips and bell pepper strips in several colors and watch him go!


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