August 30, 2009

Small Town Snapshot Sunday #24

It's Small Town Snapshot Sunday! Read the rules and get the banners here. Be sure you include the link to your post at the bottom of this entry and also, tag your post "stss" or "small town snapshot sunday" so people can search for it and find you! THE LINKING MECHANISM IS AT THE BOTTOM OF THIS POST. PLEASE LINK TO YOUR ENTRY TODAY, NOT YOUR MAIN PAGE! Be sure to use the code snippet on your own page so people can just hop from page to page doing their "small town tour". If you can't get yours done exactly on Sunday, you can always backdate it! (Sometimes I'm late myself!)

Also, I'm making a change to the cutoff for the size of the small town. I was in a town the other day that I always think of as a small town and it was about 6,500 people. So, I think we'll try out 10,000 as our limit and see how that works out. The real rule of thumb is... does it FEEL like a small town? If so, don't feel weird about the number. Just join up!

This weekend our local Rotary club put on a fund-raiser PBR Discovery Tour bullride. In our area bullrides and rodeos are always well-received. People love them. Many times they dress up in their cowboy and cowgirl finery and whoop it up around the arena. It's good times!

The arena was all dressed up in many flags around the chutes and also in long banners over the arena. It was a warm night with a cool breeze. Very pleasant! The cowboys wait for the bullride to start.

Tristan watches and waits. He kept trying to climb the gate and I was terrified he'd come crashing to the ground.

Nearby, in contrast, was a tidy little man with his cowboy duds!

A lady with her festive crocheted cowgirl hat!

This lovely cowgirl rides the arena during the Star Spangled Banner sung by a local girl with an awesome voice.

One of the clowns is chased by an angry bull.

The head clown passes out rocks to little children. He was weird and fun.

The best part of the bullride are the long rides.

This was the angriest bull of the night. The few times he was out he chased everyone in the arena and even tried to gore people outside the arena. Here he is trying to face off one of the clowns.

A cowboy is dumped off and the mad bull tries to hit him when he's down. The clowns rush in to save him!

I hope you're having a great Sunday no matter where you are!

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  1. What great pictures! I've always wanted to go to a rodeo. I bet your boys were fascinated by it.

  2. Awesome pictures! The one with the flags is interesting, and I really like the one with sky/setting sun. I'm sure that the rodeo was a lot of fun; it's always nice to gather with others and be entertained by the prospect of someone getting seriously injured.

  3. First off, that photo of the line of flags needs to be entered in some kind of contest!

    We have a similar rodeo down the highway from us, small but enough to entertain. Proceeds go to St. Jude. But EVERY YEAR, in June when they have it, it is either 150degrees with scorching sun, or torrential downpours!

    I enjoy coming to see what you have for us on Sunday ... I just haven't been wandering lately so that I have something to participate with!

  4. I agree with everyone here - that photo with the flags is very cool!

  5. Love the photos of the little boys, Tristan looks so cute. I think the photo of the flags over the arena with the different colours of the sky behind. You have such a great eye.

  6. You captured the essence of a rodeo well. I love going to rodeos when I can. They're delightful and very entertaining. My favorite is watching those bull riders. I watched one rider get bucked so hard he was pouring blood from his mouth like it was a waterfall. I couldn't help worry about him the rest of the night. Love the picture of those flags. You couldn't have done a better job. Have a great night.

  7. Love your pictures this week Wendy.
    I just tried to enter a link though and it says the list is closed! And I finally managed to copy the McLinky Blog Hop think too (its only taken me 3 weeks)!

  8. You gotta love a world where clowns rush in to 'save the day'. Great pictures!

  9. Wendy, why is the McLinky closed? I finally composed a post and I can't put up a link. There are '0' links.

  10. Once again, due to my techno-deficiencies (and life in a large Metroplex, as well) I can only be a spectator in this grand Sunday snapshot sport.

    But, wow, that rodeo clown was really handing out rocks? Not that Mr. M wouldn't have taken every one of them with glee . . . but, umm, I thought he was a little peculiar.

  11. I'm a big dork... I put that the thing would close on August 5th instead of September 5th and didn't check it before I left the house this morning. DUH. Sorry everyone!

  12. We forgive you Wendy! Off to add my link now.

  13. Love the new meme. It will be my first time. If you go to my blog I already do something similar to your town meme. Go to:

    I will add my link next week. It says it's closed now.


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