August 3, 2009

Precious Moment

Julius and I were driving in the car and had the following conversation:
J: I have an idea, Mom.

Me: Okay, what?

J: I think we should start saving up for our life dream. We need to put money away whenever we can to save up to go to Disney World because that's our life dream and we need to use our life savings to have our life dream.

Me: That's a great idea. We should wait until Tristan can enjoy it, though, like maybe in 2-3 years. He will be about 5 and you will be about 9.

J: Okay, that will be good. I will help save up some money, too. Also, I was thinking I would save up a hundred of my allowances for a laptop computer that I saw on TV. How long will it take me to save up for that?

Me: (after an agonizing moment of calculating in my head) About 2-3 years.

J: I'm gonna do that then. And that's about the time we'll be going to Florida to Disney World and so I will be able to take the laptop with me.

Me: It sounds like you have it all planned out. Sounds good to me!
We rode in silence for quite a while. He started talking again...
J: Mom, I have to ask you a question.

Me: Okay, go ahead.

J: Will my dad be dead by the time I have saved up for my laptop?

Me: (I laughed, but didn't mean to!) No! Three years isn't that far away. Your dad should still be here by then. I'd sure be sad if he wasn't.

J: I'd be sad, too. He's the best dad I've ever met.


  1. Ahhh... how sweet is that???

    I love the things kids say. They can be so sweet.

  2. How sweet is he? That's what I love about kids - completely honest and innocent.

  3. I have to agree with Julius - he IS one of the best dad's I've ever met. And hands down, He's the best brother I've ever met too!

    I love you guys!

  4. Julius is an awesome kid. So smart. He seems really sweet too.

  5. I remember when my teens would talk to me like that ...

  6. Treasure those moments and those conversations. They grow up way too fast!

  7. "Kids say the darndest things", Art Linkletter

  8. I notice he isn't saving for Disney World. You're supposed to do that, I suppose?

    'He's the best Dad I've ever had' Awwwww!

    Wait a minute ... ROFL!!

  9. That was sweet and what wisdom that kid has. Save your life savings for your life dream. Disney is still one of mine maybe I will see J. there. :)

  10. My kids still say wonderful things like that, but now their comments are "sophisticated". They are 24, 21, and 18, but they will always be my little girls!

  11. The thoughts of kids are really the sweetest and most amazing things in this world. It's nice when kids understand that they can save money rather than beg the parents for what they need. Healthy.

    It reminds me of this:

    A friends grandson came to visit and asked;
    "Grandpa, do you have any money?"
    Grandpa thought the kid would beg for money but answered "Yes".
    "Grandpa let me give you a piece of advice," the kid said, "don't do any mischief because then you will have none".

    The kids mother had made him pay for something he had destroyed (not an accident) and he wanted to share the lesson with his beloved grandpa. =)

  12. i love the way kids deal with's all sort of abstract to them. maybe it's easier if i think of time in an abstract way too...

    I had to smile as I read your post...I miss those days of simple questions and I just get a "You must be an idiot" look form my 14 year old and "Can I have some money"? from my 18 year old...

  13. Oh, I love it. Three years seems so long to little ones, so short to us!

  14. that is hilarious! I love how they always have "plans" for their allowance

  15. This is so cute! He has the best philosophy of life! Make sure he doesn't lose it!

    I like how for small kids, 100$ is a ton of money. When my sister was a kid, she used to say that when she'd grow up, she's have a pure and would buy a house with 100$. Then, she would be a lady... lol

  16. What a sweet story! Julius sounds like a great kid.

  17. Savor that sweet moment. Makes me smile just reading it.

  18. That's hilarious! We'll start saving for Disney, too! Just give us a few days' notice and we'll drive over & meet you guys. I think Jazzy would have a real good time with Tristan & Julius.

    This also reminds me of my own dreams that seem pretty out of reach and I keep asking my husband, "Honey, when can we get a screened-in porch? How about a jungle gym for the kids?" and he says in a few years. He's been saying that for a few years now. ;)

  19. Too cute! My 6 year old thinks he is going to buy the house that is for sale next door by saving up his pocketmoney

  20. awww Wendy ♥ that was toooo sweet :)

  21. Very sweet. I love how their little minds work.

  22. Just back from vacation and checking in. Have a great day

  23. Awww, what a sweet kid! His dad must have been so proud when you told him.

  24. lol. That's 1/2 dear and 1/2 disturbing... sure you know what's going through his mind?

    I would have agonized over the math, too!


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