February 7, 2011

New Cousin

I heard the news on Facebook where all news seems to come from these days -- a new baby has been born to our family.  She is a little girl born to our niece, the second baby in that family.  We've not seen either baby in person as they are on the other end of the continent from us, but we have been watching the oldest one grow, also via Facebook.

I clicked on the picture that was posted and started yelling for the family to come see.  They all came running to see the newest baby girl, so adorable and pink and chubby-cheeked.

Tristan started whining immediately.  "I WANTED BABY ISAIAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH!"

"No, this is cool, Tristan," I was quick to reassure him. "This is cool because this is a NEW baby cousin, like an extra one.  So you can have Baby Isaiah AND now you can have this new cousin Holly."

"Is she ours?" His voice was hopeful.

"No, but she is in our family.  This is cousin Avery's little sister."

"I want her to live with us for ever and ever and EVER."  He stomped off to finish his dinner.

Moments later he asked from the far end of the room, "Who laid that baby??"

Apparently, I have a bit of explaining to do.


  1. Lucy you have some splaining to do. LOL

  2. Hilarious.

    Easter's around the corner.....somewhere.

    Bunny's lay eggs, right?

  3. That actually made me laugh out loud - hahahaha.

    Poor Alison; she FEELS like she laid Baby Holly about now. This is her second C-section, and it's taken a toll on her. She's worn out, but looking forward to two weeks from now when she expects to feel much better.

  4. LOL.. thanks for the giggle so early in my morning! :) but know what ya mean about finding out news like that via facebook. our entire lives have been like that.. getting to know every new little one via photos. military life kept us away from family most of the time.. so at least the 'new' technology allows for much better communication! :)


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