June 21, 2010

My Evening with Liev Schreiber

I have awesome dreams. They are vivid, life-like, almost always pleasant as if, upon sleeping, I've teleported to a slightly more strange reality than the one I currently live in. It's nearly like my current life, but leans slightly to one side like a carnival funhouse (except without the creepy clowns).

One of the peculiarities of my dream life is that I frequently dream of celebrities. I am not enamored with Celebrityhood. I'm not a big follower of pop-culture. For more than a decade I didn't even own a television. And yet, my subconscious makes good use of these convenient icons to entertain me and process the days events all in one amusing little package.

My husband refers to these dreams as "Celebrities on Parade."  My brain doesn't have a preference about what celebrity it picks and there's no pattern to its themes. I've dreamed of celebs I knew by face, but not name. I've dreamed about has-beens, oldies, currently popular icons. I still remember a really weird dream I had about Chuck Norris and my friend Ginny back in the 90's. (Chuck didn't like me in that dream.)

Two nights ago I was surprised to find myself in a pasture with Liev Schreiber. He was working on a house. In fact, I think he had MOVED an old house to a lovely rolling plain with a big hillside. Up on this hill sat a very shabby plantation-style home with peeling paint. The house was painted red, white and blue in the pattern of an American flag. As I faced the house the blue field of white stars was on the upstairs floor to the far left with the rest of the house in a faded red and white stripe. To most people it would sound hideous, but in the dream it was an inspirational beacon symbolizing freedom of expression.

We strode up the hill with purpose. I'm not sure for what purpose, but something. When we got to the top of the hill, Liev indicated that in order to enter the home we had to do so from the second floor. The only way to get to the second floor was to shimmy up a pole and scramble over a dilapidated and none-too-sturdy deck railing.

In real life, I couldn't shimmy to save my life, but in my dream I wasn't too bad. Not graceful, but at least I could defy gravity enough to get my ample caboose up off the ground. About nine feet off the ground I was winded and called down to Liev.

"You know, I don't know how you're going to do this with groceries."

"It'll be okay. It's not that bad."

"Really?" I said doubtfully and kept shimmying.

At about 12 feet off the ground I shouted down, "Now what?" Liev indicated I should throw one leg over the balcony railing and then go down the balcony toward the stars and find the door to get inside. As I threw my leg over the balcony railing I noticed the balcony wasn't there -- just the railing. So, I just held on to the fragile railing and tip-toed over to the end where there was a gap between the end of the railing and the place where the door was supposed to be. In fact, I'm not sure there was even a door there. And when I looked back, Liev was gone.

In real life I would have been totally freaked out by the entire scenario. But in my dream I was a very matter-of-fact girl and took it all in stride -- the house, the shimmying, the danger, my disappearing friend, as if these were things that happen in every day life.

It's just as well anyway, cause I still swear Liev Strieber could totally not get groceries into that house.


  1. Hmmmm....did you eat anything strange before going to sleep that night?

  2. Oh my! He will have to build some sort of dumb waiter to get those groceries inside.

    I will help him.


  3. I had a dream like that once, only the house was made of bacon and the role of Liev Schreiber was played by Kate Beckensale. I won't tell you what she was wearing.

    Also, POST MORE!

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    On a related unrelated note, I've also started serializing my novel and posting it to my site. You should check it out. All the cool kids are reading it, after all. Don't you want to be cool, too?

    Coquetting Tarradiddles

  4. I just was listening to a man explain dreams. He said dreaming of houses was one of the most common ones. Then he went our to say the house represents us, our bodies our lives. So do you feel like you have freedom of expression and cherish that. Have you felt a little run down? (okay two small boys dumb question, lets say more run down). Do you feel something is out of balance, like railing with no balcony.

    I have no idea who Liev was repping in that dream. I like the flag thing however and the fact that he relocated the house. Getting ready for a trip perhaps?

  5. I believe that homes represent ourselves too. It seems like you want to break free from some-thing-one-place and are having trouble expressing it :) That's all the psycho babble I have except that all my work mates would always tell me their dreams to have them analyzed LOL

  6. Just rediscovered your blog and must add, BLOG MORE! Also, I, too dream every single night, in detail, and about very random celebrities. Like, I'm a 33 yr old mom of 4, but in my dream, I'm Britney Spears' best friend and on tour with her. RAN DOM. I don't even like her music!

    But seriously...20 days since your previous post. More fast food for the kids = more time to blog :)

  7. He is rather a fine example of the celebrity. I am rather taken with him, I have to confess.

  8. Other people are analyzing your dream and I'm thinking, Dang! You woke up too soon before getting it on with old Liev there.

    Shimming up a pole - does that mean you want to be a stripper? Or that you WERE one in your past life?


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