May 25, 2010

Mom: The Technology Post

Over the weekend I was on the phone with my mom checking in with her.  She has another kidney stone. Three, to be exact.

I was calling to see if she was getting stir crazy yet and asked if she wanted to go ride in the car with me while I went on the fundraising Dice Run. She declined.  I told her the boys were really excited about it because the first place prize was $250 and Julius already had a plan on what he'd be purchasing with his winnings.

Mom: You're not going to let him spend all that money are you?
Me: Of course not.  I told him he had to split it with his brother if he wins.
Mom: What about putting it into the bank?
Me: Yeah, but they get to spend some of it anyway one of them wins.
Mom: Well what does he want?
Me: A DS.
Mom: You're not getting him a DS. He's 7 years old.
Me: What do I care if he gets a DS if he's won $250 dollars? Every kid his age has one.
Mom: No they don't.
Me: Mom, they do too.
Mom: *I* don't even have one at my age.
Me: (laughing out loud) You totally don't even know what a DS is.
Mom: (without even pausing) I know, but I don't have one. What is it?
Me: It's a Nintendo handheld game thingy. Basically, a babysitter. 
Mom: (grunts) Oh jeez. Kids these days.
Me: Yeah, tell me about it.


  1. I like this...very typical of what a Grandmother would say!!!

  2. Your mom must have calmer kidney stones than I've had, if she's able to carry on that sort of conversation.

  3. i have heard kidney stones can be like child birth. OUCH.

  4. As to the conversation, I'm thinking I've heard my Wife in the roll of 'MOM' more than a couple three times. (we have 4 kids with 10 kids of their own) ..... yup, I DO remember hearing similar conversations ..... I might even confess to a couple myself.

  5. I like they idea of kids buying stuff they want with their own money.

    I hope one of them wins.

    Kidney stones? I've heard that if they are still in the kidney, there may not be much pain, but if they get loose, all Hell breaks loose!

  6. I was like what in the world is a DS....ok i guess i took the grandma role in this one act play. :)

  7. The DS is little more than a nintendo? Hmmph. I thought it let kids get on the internet. So I've resisted it fiercely. Must get more info. on this device.

  8. A baby sitter huh? Do they work for husbands too?

  9. *whines* all the cool kids have them!!! :)

  10. I am so uncool, I didn't know what a DS was. I have gall stones that I refuse to have removed. Kidney stones sounds more painful though.

  11. I'd recommend DS-es as brilliant shutting-up devices. Parents and open evenings at my school have been much less embarrassing with my brother sitting in the corner with his DS than asking my teachers why they haven't given me detention yet and telling them where that piece of homework really went...

    I've said too much and now must run ;)

  12. And now I feel terrible for forgetting to say I hope your mother's stones aren't too painful!
    Excuse my scatter brain, it's exam time -.-;

  13. I like the idea of the boys sharing the money! And every kid should have a DS! I like how your Mom knows she doesn't have a DS even when she doesn't KNOW what it is! Too funny!


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