December 7, 2009

You'll Be Happy to Know... Tori Fixed the Moon

The other day we were driving home from daycare and came around the corner to see the big, fat moon perched high in the sky. Full enough to call it a full moon and early enough in the evening that it looked enormous overhead. I pointed it out to Tristan.

From the back seat he yells, "The moon! The moon! It all fixed!"

My child is astute -- I had no idea there was even something wrong with the moon. "Was it broken?"

"Uh huh."

"What was wrong with the moon?"


I've been working on him lately to improvise and elaborate. At night he practices by telling us bedtime stories which always go like this:

"One time there was bad Spiderman. He was sticky. He shoot web and it was sticky. Don't touch him. He sticky."

That's the entire story. However, considering it's taken us nearly three years to get him to say that much, I think he's doing great.

But back to the important matter of the broken moon...

I tried another avenue. "Who fixed the moon, Tristan?"

"Ummm... Tori."

"Really? Tori fixed the moon?"

"Uh huh."

"How did she do that?"

"Big wadder."

"Wow, that would have to be a really big ladder."

"Wiwwy big wadder. Tori stwong. She have big muscles."

* * *

On a related note of celestial importance, there is also the matter of something being wrong with the rain.

It was raining the other morning when we were on our way through town. We passed by Wal-Mart which is a very exciting thing because Tristan knows there are toys in there and he's a big stimulator of the economy in that way. (Nobody can accuse us of not being patriotic in a recession.)

The rain was pouring down and as we passed by the parking lot I heard a huge gasp from the back seat.




Tori hasn't gotten around to fixing that problem yet, I guess.


  1. That is too cute! The nerve of that rain!!

  2. That is fantastic! How dare that rain do such a thing! Do you think a ladder would come in handy for that problem, too?

  3. I hate it when it rains on poor Walmart.

    Maybe we need to build a big wadder up to the clouds to fix that?

  4. Hahahahaha!!! It's the wrong rain, and it's gone wrong!! LOL!

    Tristan is a cutie. How do you not spend all day laughing?

  5. I feel so special. (Tori is my name.) :D

  6. I am sooooooo out of touch. The moon was broken, and I didn't notice? Broken rain was falling on Wally World? Who knew?

    I know who didn'

    I need to keep up on this stuff...when's Tristan going to start his news blog?


  7. lol too cute. Maybe the moon was broken because it wasn't full yet?

  8. Could Tori sort out global warming sometime before she turns 10? She sounds like a cool kid.

  9. What? It was raining on Walmart? Say it isn't so!

    P.S. Maybe Tori could help out Anonymous, fast, before the Trilateral Commission get us!

  10. And THAT'S why I don't want to camp for free in Walmart's parking lot!

  11. That rain. Its priorities are all wrong.

    I think Tristan is going to grow up and be a meteorologist. Or a MOON SCIENTIST, whatever you call them. Moonerologist.


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